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About the Userful Support Wiki is Userful's key resource for technical support information on its products: DiscoverStation, Desktop Multiplier, Network Personalizer, Prebook Server, and others.

Userful's main site can be found at


Key contributors are listed in alphabetical order. This does not exhaustively list all people involved, but focuses on those making major contributions to this site.

Content Contributors

  • Abdiel Janulgue
  • Ben Li
  • Daniel Griffin
  • Darlene Gatus
  • Darren Moffat
  • Darshan Tadvalkar
  • David Crosby
  • Jason Kim
  • Katie Murphy
  • Laurie Reeves
  • Malcolm Griffin
  • Manish Hasija
  • Menwin Gatus
  • Tim Griffin

Editorial Team

  • David Crosby
  • Menwin Gatus