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Template: translations -- lists available translations

You can auto-translate a page using Google Translate or a similar service which may simplify typing. If you do auto-translate a page, be sure to include Template:Autotranslated near the top of your page.


  • Before using this, you must name your page properly. For example, if you have a page named "Documentation/Product User Guide" written in French, you must move it to "Documentation/Product User Guide/FR".
  • English pages must be either named ".../EN" or you can exclude the language code and use the base parameter.
  • Currently supported languages codes are:
    • DE -- Deutsch (German)
    • EN -- English
    • ES -- Espangol (Spanish)
    • FR -- Français (French)
    • PT -- Português (Portuguese)
  • Add this template at the top of your page with this wikitext:
Or, for the base page (page with no language code at the end of the title):


  This page is also available in:   English, Espangol, Français, Português, Deutsch