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Template: questions -- consistent formatting of "Questions Answered" section.

This would be used as the first section on a wiki page, to present a list of questions answered on the page.


  • audience -- the kind of audience this page is written for. For example: Business, Technical, New Employees, etc.
  • 1-9 -- up to 9 different questions are supported.


{{questions|audience=Management|Who are you managing?|Where will your office be?}}
- or, for clearer formatting you can do it this way:
     |Who are you managing?
     |Where will your office be?
Note that if you format it this way, there must be no leading whitespace before any of the lines.
Note that if you place this section at the top of your page it will appear above the table of contents. It is also no longer individually editable, preventing editors from seeing the nasty template code. --Menwin 11:14, 16 November 2006 (MST)

Questions Answered

Audience: Who is the audience for this page?

  • What questions does this page answer?