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Template: FAQ Question -- provides consistent formatting of question header used in Support Wiki FAQ pages.

This would be used as the first section on a wiki page, to present the main question answered, as well as an optional list of related questions. The first line of the answer should also be given.


  • 1 -- the main question being asked.
  • 2-9 -- up to 8 different alternative questions are supported.
  • answer -- first line of answer. This should be short and to-the-point.


{{FAQ Question|How can I save my document?|Where do I store things?|Where did my files go?}}
- or, for clearer formatting you can do it this way:

     {{FAQ Question
     |How can I save my document?
     |Where do I store things?
     |Where did my files go?
     |answer=Try Files > Save.

Note that if you format it this way, there must be no leading whitespace before any of the lines.
Note that if you place this section at the top of your page it will appear above the table of contents. It is also no longer individually editable, preventing editors from seeing the nasty template code.

Q: What is the FAQ question?