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[[Copyright]] &copy; {{{1}}}, Userful Corporation.  All rights reserved.{{if|{{{3|}}}|then= {{{3}}}|else=}}
[[Copyright]] &copy; {{{1}}}, Userful Corporation.  All rights reserved.{{if|{{{3|}}}|then=&nbsp;&nbsp;{{{3}}}|else=}}
{{if|{{{2|}}}|then=<br>(Updated {{{2}}})|else=}}
{{if|{{{2|}}}|then=<br>(Updated {{{2}}})|else=}}

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Template: CopyrightNotice -- presents a standard copyright notice for Userful documents.


  • 1 -- the year(s) of the copyright.
  • 2 -- the date of the most recent changes to the page (any date format).
  • 3 -- brief, additional, copyright/license related message.


{{CopyrightNotice|2007|April 23, 2007|Add some message here}}

Copyright © {{{1}}}, Userful Corporation. All rights reserved.