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(Updated 2016.02.19)


Signagelive is a cloud-based Content Management Solution (CMS). With Signagelive Player already integrated in Userful Network Video Wall solution, users can easily play digital signage content stored within their Signagelive CMS platform (play, schedule and assign contents to different video walls).

Station Mapping: Creating Signagelive Player Session Container

Station Mapping allows you to bind video wall to Signagelive Player Session Container. To create this session container:

  1. Click on "New Session Container". Use the drop-down menu to select "Signagelive Player" as the session type and give a name
  2. Signagelive Player

  3. Click "OK" to complete the process

Map Station to Session Container


Once the session container has been created, map a station or a videowall to the Signagelive session container and click "Apply". You will now be presented with a 6 digit activation code (as shown in the image to the right) which you can link to a Signagelive license within your network.

Please refer to Getting Started Guide for further instructions.

Note: Please refer to Getting Started Guide for detail information about Signagelive Platform.

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