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(Updated 2016.02.19)


Rise Vision is a free cloud based Content Management Solution (CMS). With Rise Vision Player already integrated in Userful Network Video Wall solution, users can play digital signage contents created on Rise Vision CMS platform. Through Rise Vision session container, users can play, schedule and assign multiple contents to different displays under video wall setup.

Station Mapping: Creating Rise Vision Player Session Container

Rise Vision Player

Station Mapping allows you to bind video wall to Rise Vision Player Session Container. To create this session container:

  1. Click on "New Session Container". Use the drop-down menu to select "Rise Vision Player" as the session type and give a name

  2. Enter the Claim ID (Claim ID can be found under Settings tab under Rise Vision account)
  3. Set the height and width of your presentation. The presentation values (height and width) must be same as of your Rise Vision presentation
  4. Click "OK" to complete the process

Map Stations to Session Container

Station Mapping Rise Vision.png

Once the session container has been created, stations can be "mapped" or assigned to the Rise Vision container by simply dragging-and-dropping the desired station or video wall icons to the session container.

To edit (e.g., change icon or Claim ID) or delete the session container, simply click on the session name to access the Edit window.

Note: Changes will not take effect until the "Apply" button is clicked.

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