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(Updated 2016.03.03)

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Host PC/Server

You need at least one host PC/server to configure video wall. We strongly recommend using Certified Host PC/Servers. However, if you are unable to get one, please consider recommended specifications before using one.

Download and Install DVDs

Download the latest version of Userful Network Video Wall installation disk and burn the ISO on a DVD to install or create a bootable USB drive. Follow the Installation process.

We recommend preparing the host PC/server before doing the station setup. The installation process will assist you through the step by step on-screen instructions.
After installation, go to Control Center and make sure your system is up-to-date by checking System Updates.

Zero-Client Devices

After successful installation, next step is to configure zero-client devices. Make sure you have supported zero-client devices for video wall configuration.

Setting up Stations

Prepare the following items before proceeding:

  • Displays with power and VGA/HDMI cables
  • A zero-client device for each display
  • A Gigabit Switch
  • A Router
  • Standard Cat 5e/Cat 6 cabling

Station setup should be done after the installation of the Userful Network Video Wall software is complete. The Station Setup guide will guide you through the whole process.

Creating and Calibrating Video Wall

After successful setup, create and calibrate video wall using the graphical video wall tool available. Check Creating and Configuring Video Wall for more information.

Station Mapping

After creating and calibrating the video wall, you can play content by assigning video wall to available Session Containers. Check Station Mapping Guide for more information.

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