Userful Network Video Wall 8.0: Release Notes

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(Updated 2015.08.06)

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Userful Network Video Wall™ enables you to group many displays to form a large display using one host PC/server. Userful's video wall solution is designed to use both the CPU and the GPU to maximize performance.

Component Package Versions

  • Userful Control Center: userful-control-center-
  • EST Driver: nhci-0.9.21-1dkms.userful2.25.52bee5f.el7.x86_64
  • SMSC Driver: xf86-video-smsc-

Bundled with CentOS 7.1 (with Xorg-1.15.0-33.el7.userful0_1.x86_64 and kernel version kernel-3.10.0-229.7.2.el7.x86_64)


Download Userful Network Video Wall™ 8.0 ISO and create an installation disk

You can also use a USB key to install the ISO.


Userful Network Video Wall™ 8.0 comes with exciting new features and improvements.

Video Wall Enhancements

  • Optimized video wall playback for CPU utilization
  • Optimized switching between session containers
  • Enabled high frame-rate videos to playback at 30fps with reasonable CPU usage
  • Enhanced MJPEG encoder in SMSC driver
  • Improved calibration process
  • Improved playback synchronization
  • Improved general stability

Ability to Preset Video Wall Zones

  • Create presets layouts to output multiple content sources on a video wall. For more information, visit Zone Settings
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface to assign zones to session containers
  • Start and Stop zone playback with one click
  • Choose canvas size, select input station, route sound to host PC/server or input station and enable GPU Acceleration for the zone

More Session Containers, More Possibilities

  • Added Program Runner session container for running full-screen X Windows applications
  • Added DVD Player session container (optional download)
  • Added Blackmagic DeckLink Capture session container for Blackmagic's DeckLink and Intensity Pro HDMI capture cards
  • Added Video Capture session container to support:
    • V4L based HDMI/SDI Capture Cards
    • Live TV Capture Cards
    • USB Webcams
    • Userful Network Video Wall™ 8.0 supports multiple capture cards. Talk to your Userful representative for more info.

Integration with New Content Management System

Control Center Improvements

  • Significant performance improvement and responsiveness
  • Bring up Station's Settings by clicking any station under Station Mapping
  • Added ability to renumber the Station IDs
  • Improved Manage Licensing UI
  • Added support for persistent Web Browser sessions
  • Added new Slideshow Timer option for Signage Player session container
  • Fixed "Drag and Drop" support for Internet
  • Intelligent updates of changed session container sessions
  • Web GUI improvements for tablets

Core Enhancements

  • Upgraded to base RHEL 7.1/CentOS 7.1
  • Significant performance improvements
    • Faster host PC/server start up and shutdown
    • Efficient Station start up and shutdown
  • Additional diagnostics for host PC/server
  • Additional network and zero-client diagnostics
  • Improved logging and “report a problem” tools
  • Added Automatic Firmware update process
  • Improved licensing model
  • Upgraded Google Chrome to version 44

Support for New Hardware

  • Added support for Intel® Broadwell CPU and 5th-generation Intel® GPUs
  • Added support for USB-only video walls

License Agreement

This product includes commercial software that is licensed, not sold, and is governed by an End User License Agreement (EULA). By installing, copying or using this software you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Agreement, and agree to be bound by this EULA's terms and conditions. You can review the terms of this EULA either by visiting the online copy of the EULA or by consulting the Userful-EULA.txt file included with your download.

Unlicensed Version

Userful Network Video Wall™ will operate as an unlicensed version until you purchase an appropriate license for your system. You can purchase a license from your Userful representative or visit – see the Licensing Guide for details.

Limitations of this Version: The Userful Network Video Wall™ unlicensed software is fully functional, but will display a brief license reminder on all displays every 20 minutes or so.

What's New

  • Added ability to preset video wall zones for easy switching between different layout configurations
  • Significant performance improvements for host PC and zero-client start up and shut down
  • Optimized video wall playback for CPU utilization and switching between session containers
  • Improved calibration process and playback synchronization
  • Added new session containers
    • Program Runner, to run the full-screen window applications
    • Blackmagic DeckLink Capture, to support Blackmagic's DeckLink and Intensity Pro cards
    • Video Capture, to capture live TV, V4L based HDMI/SDI cards and webcams
  • Integration with New Content Management System
    • PADS4 Viewer
    • Signagelive Player
    • UIEvolution
  • Added support of YUAN capture cards
  • Added support for Intel® Broadwell
  • Added additional diagnostics for host PC, zero-clients and network
  • Enhanced MJPEG encoder in new SMSC driver
  • New and improved EST driver for network stability
  • Improved Control Center performance and responsiveness
  • Improved general stability
  • Upgraded based to CentOS 7.1