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(Updated 2015.02.11)

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Known Issues

These are the known issues with the latest release of Userful Network Video Wall.

  • (10598) Mapping a GPU-Accelerated Video Wall to Cloud Desktop will block onboard station
    • Workaround: When using Cloud Desktop as a Video Wall, either disable 3D acceleration, or do not use the onboard station.
  • (8641,10923) While playing short files, too quickly (i.e. 5 second movies), individual display in a video wall may go dark for few seconds
  • (10581,10100) USB storage is not supported in Cloud Desktop or Linux Desktop when running on the Video Wall
  • (10389) The GPU-Assisted Acceleration feature is only supported under Cloud Desktop and Web Browser session containers
  • (10584) Video walls with multiple movie files should either disable sound, or ensure the sound channels are the same across all files. Playing multiple movie files that switches to different audio configurations (stereo vs. surround sound) can cause the video wall to restart
  • (10592) When playing from a directory, audio would alternate working and failing for each signage-player playlist startup
    • Workaround: "Disable Audio" under Session Container
  • (10589) After rotation is applied under Artistic Layout, Broadcast Messages and Station IDs will not appear rotated
  • (10140) Any given movie file must utilize all video wall displays. In other words, if a file’s aspect ratio is different from a video wall’s aspect ratio and it is set to “Scale to Fit”, the video wall will not start. To resolve, resize the video wall aspect, or use the “Zoom to Full Screen” option.
  • (10536,10115) DisplayLink zero-client devices are not supported
    • Workaround: Use SMSC-based zero-client devices
  • (10561) Avoid opening Control Center via multiple browser windows, all editing the same video wall configuration. The Calibration program will not run.
  • (10861) Color Calibration will not reapply after zero client is manually disconnected/reconnected.
    • Workaround: Restart or reset the zero client.
  • (10870) HDMI Capture session is listing resolutions the hardware/driver doesn't support
    • Workaround: Confirm that your HDMI source media supports the resolution and frame-rate the HDMI Capture session is configured to use.
  • (10876) HDMI Capture card pass through port doesn't work
  • (10843) Video wall Color does not work with Host PC
  • (10916) Nvidia onboard not supported in video wall install
    • Workaround: Userful Network Video Wall 7.3 is optimized for Intel® GPUs. Use a Intel® 4th generation GPU for the best results.
  • (10881) Some translated strings in UCC have not been reviewed by native speakers, and may sound odd. (fixed/to ask)
  • (10744) Atrust M321 zero-client device doesn't properly support DVI->HDMI or DVI->VGA converters
    • Workaround: Use DVI monitors only on the Atrust M321
  • (10931) Control Room Demo will not work in Google Chrome without GPU-Assisted Acceleration enabled
    • Workaround: Use an Intel® 4th generation GPU and enable GPU-Assisted Acceleration in the Video Wall
  • (11160) If LAN subnet of the host PC overlaps with VPN (userful-remote) subnet, it will disconnect all connected zero-client devices
  • (11177) Signage Player playlist does not update until the Station Mapping page is refreshed
  • (11178) Rotated Artistic Video Wall does not support Inside Scaling
    • Workaround: Use Outside Scaling on Artistic Video Wall
  • (11196) Images with odd number of height or width pixels are not supported
  • (11192) Creating a video wall while the monitors are off cause improper scaling
    • Workaround: Restart or Reset station
  • (11182) RTSP session container may not play media files rendered from VLC server
  • (11029) Duplicate display IDs can show up in Rise Vision (CMS) interface
  • (11220) Standalone stations assigned to Signage Player Directory playlist may not play and cause station freeze
    • Workaround: Restart or Reset station
  • (11231) Artistic video allows 26 displays in a single video wall
  • (11243) Signage Player movies with non-square pixels will not display with correct aspect ratio
  • Once an Artistic Layout video wall is created and saved, you cannot switch it back to a Grid Layout
    • Workaround: Delete the Artistic Layout configuration and create a new video wall
  • (10894) HDMI Capture session container requires BlackMagic Intensity HDMI Capture Card installed on host PC. If the HDMI Capture card is not responding,
    Open terminal as root user
    Edit file
    and remove the following text:
    Save the file and reboot system.