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(Updated 2015.02.11)

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Userful Network Video Wall 7.4

Release Date: February 11, 2015

  • UI Improvements in "Artistic" layout (9979)
  • Ability to rotate individual (or group of) displays to any degree using Control Center UI (11004)
  • Updated Videodecode colorspace output for efficient playback (10847)
  • IP Address of host PC displayed on all assigned stations (11190)
  • Added Diagnostic notification for non-Intel® 4th Generation GPU (10886)
  • Added Diagnostic notification for duplicate DHCP servers and IP Address conflicts (11065)
  • Moved 'Unmapped Stations' panel to the top of Station Mapping (10992)
  • Standardized station icon colors with reference to station’s status (11000)
  • Better UI representation of video wall under Station Mapping (e.g. 90° rotated video wall) (10933)
  • Removed VirtualBox Extension pack from Third party Add-ons (11103)
  • Fixed station assignment issue where stations assigned to existing video walls were not listed while creating a new video wall (10871)
  • Fixed canvas zoom-out problem (10899)
  • Fixed issue where DVI/DP onboard not showing X windows after launch (10912)
  • Fixed issue where Clicking "Undo" button after deleting video wall leaves system in an inconsistent state (10915)
  • Fixed issue where Fullscreen scaling adds undesired padding while running video wall (11031)
  • Resolved issue where stations disappear after reducing rows/columns in an existing video wall (11010)
  • Fixed issue where user can create more than one GPU accelerated video wall (11116)
  • Fixed playback issue on RTSP session container (11144)
  • Network Streamer latency increased to support complex codecs (11163)
  • Fixed issue with Calibration screen under Artistic Layout (11166, 11120)
  • Fixed issue where assigning onboard station to any session container or video wall leaves system in an unresponsive state (11188)
  • Minor Bug Fixes (11083)
  • Stability Improvements