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(Updated 2016.02.25)

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Userful Network Video Wall 8.0.3

  • Release Date: October 21, 2015
  • Resolved issue where screen goes blank for few seconds while transitioning between Welcome Screen and Linux Login screen (10176)
  • Added support for odd-width-sized images in Signage Player playlist (11196)
  • Fixed issue where the browser reports the host PC/server is running on the IP when Control Center is launched early after bootup (11562)
  • Implemented "Restore" functionality for station failover (12115)
  • Fixed DPMS wake-up problem on Broadcast Message / Show Station IDs (12124)
  • Updated "Too many stations screen" UI (12276)
  • Improved "Welcome Screen UI" to support more session containers (12354)
  • Updated firmware for VMA25 zero-client device (12457)
  • Fixed video distortion of certain media files (12463)
  • Added firmware functionality for unlocked zero-client devices (12465)
  • Resolved issue where "Remote VPN Connection" does not update UI when connection is stopped (12467)
  • Fixed issue where Control Center will not launch without network connection (12489)
  • Fixed issue where creating a video wall crashes the Control Center (12499)
  • Fixed issue where Blackmagic DeckLink session container captures only 1/4th of the feed (12507)
  • Fixed Control Center > Check for Updates process (12511)
  • Updated Signagelive Chrome extension (12527)
  • Fixed issue where stations take more than 5 minutes to start after bootup (12533)
  • Included YUAN HDMI capture driver on standard ISO (12569)
  • Updated nhci driver version to 0.9.24 (12573)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements (12436)

Userful Network Video Wall 8.0.2

  • Release Date: Sep 15, 2015
  • Added ability to change the display resolution under Station Mapping > Station Settings (12308)
  • Added Scaling options for "Network Streamer" session container (12332)
  • Added warning notifications for the number of stations in a video wall (12355)
  • Added Control Center option under Linux Desktop > System > Administration menu (12311)
  • Updated PADS4 session container (12412)
  • Updated UIEvolution session container (12414)
  • Updated nhci version to 0.9.22
  • Fixed kernel panics at boot time due to nhci driver (11604)
  • Fixed issue where user cannot use non-ASCII characters for station's name and location (12035)
  • Fixed issue with video wall calibration (12050)
  • Fixed issue where licensing module throws exception in standalone mode (12201)
  • Fixed issue where duplicate system diagnostics alert pops up if Control Center is opened via multiple browser windows (12271)
  • Fixed issue where video wall may not recover after pressing "Ctrl+Alt+BS" on any station (12306)
  • Fixed issue where session containers occasionally change order on "Welcome Screen" after drag and drop (12335)
  • Fixed issue where stations did not reset after running Control Center > Help and Support > Reset Userful Network Video Wall (12204)
  • Fixed issue where DPMS settings on zero-clients not synced with Control Center > DPMS settings (12096)
  • Fixed issue where static image artifacts remain on screen (12384)
  • Fixed issue where Control Center fails to restart after installing multiple Third-Party packages (12428)
  • UI fixes for Welcome Screen (12353)
  • UI enhancements for Network Stations screen (12405)
  • Enhanced report a problem utility to include client browser details (12134)
  • Enabled "kiosk" mode for newly created session containers under Station Mapping (12316)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements (12310)

Userful Network Video Wall 8.0

  • Release Date: August 5, 2015
  • Upgraded to base RHEL 7.1/CentOS 7.1 (12103)
  • Added Zones functionality (11714)
  • Integrated new Content Management Systems (Signagelive Player, PADS4 Viewer, UIEvolution)
  • Added support for Blackmagic DeckLink and Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture cards
  • Added support for YUAN capture cards
  • Added Video Capture session container for capturing Webcams and HDMI streams (12112)
  • Added Program Runner session container (12259)
  • Added Automatic Firmware update process (9871)
  • UI changes for Web Browser session container (11281)
  • Added System Diagnostics notification for duplicate DHCP server and IP address conflicts (11065)
  • Added System Diagnostics checks for zero-client devices (11555)
  • Added System Diagnostics notification for media codecs (12185)
  • Added "Slideshow Image Interval" field for static images under Signage Player session container (12068)
  • Auto-switch UCC to browser-configured language (11502)
  • Fixed issue where video playback fails on onboard station due to driver issue (10559)
  • Resolved issue where non-admin users have access to reboot and shutdown commands on zero-client stations (11080)
  • Fixed issue where standalone stations assigned to Signage Player Directory playlist fails and cause station freeze (11220)
  • Fixed issue where user cannot edit timezone during Installation (11255)
  • Fixed "Drag and Drop" functionality on IE11 (11283)
  • Improved audio quality on network zero-client stations (11336)
  • Resolved issue where Calibration image artifacts remain on screen when stations are dragged inside video wall editor (11337)
  • Enhanced MJPEG encoder in SMSC driver (11340)
  • Fixed issue where stations mapped to Signage player may freeze after first play through (11468)
  • Resolved issue where assigned stations are not displayed under Control Center > Station Mapping (11489)
  • Fixed issue where system crashes after assigning stations to a session container (11500)
  • Fixed audio issues on Web Browser session container (11515)
  • Resolved issue where adding multiple applications under Cloud Desktop throw traceback error(11538)
  • Fixed issue where video wall will not resume playback after reboot (11620)
  • Resolved issue where stations disappears while editing an existing video wall (11636)
  • Resolved issue where color calibration does not persist across reboot (11699)
  • Dynamic resizing of displays (11722)
  • Fixed issue where station disappears after dragging mapped session container to "Welcome Screen" (11737)
  • Fixed "Reset to Saved" button in video wall color calibration window (11763)
  • Resolved issue where Control Center throws traceback errors when System Operations > Timezone is not selected (11769)
  • Enhanced Third-party Add-ons (11847)
  • Fixed issue where individual video wall segments appear at 1024x768, instead of full-screen (11856)
  • Fixed issue where changing Display Panel Size does not persist across reboots (11941)
  • Fixed issue where user cannot assign orphaned stations to the host PC/server (12043)
  • Added description field for zero-client devices (Firmware and Product/Vendor details) under Control Center > Network Stations (12081)
  • Fixed issue where "License Nag Screen" and "Too Many Stations" screen are not rotated on artistic video wall (12094)
  • Resolved issue where Video Wall editor does not update the list of available stations after stations connect/disconnect(12106)
  • Improved video wall calibration process (12108)
  • Resolved issue where Single-image signage player playlist can lead to frozen display (12152)
  • Fixed issue where repeated start/stop of video wall calibration process leads to dbus deadlock (12166)
  • Fixed issue with auto-assignment of zero-client devices (12174)
  • Upgraded Google Chrome browser to version 44 (12189)
  • Resolved issue where directory playback of images on 15 stations cause system freeze (12240)
  • Updated nhci version to 0.9.21 (12247)
  • Updated Translation Strings (10881)
  • Major UI Improvements
  • Enhanced system stability
  • Minor Bug fixes and Improvements (10213,11487)

Userful Network Video Wall 7.4

Release Date: February 11, 2015

  • UI Improvements in "Artistic" layout (9979)
  • Ability to rotate individual (or group of) displays to any degree using Control Center UI (11004)
  • Updated Videodecode colorspace output for efficient playback (10847)
  • IP Address of host PC displayed on all assigned stations (11190)
  • Added Diagnostic notification for non-Intel® 4th Generation GPU (10886)
  • Added Diagnostic notification for duplicate DHCP servers and IP Address conflicts (11065)
  • Moved 'Unmapped Stations' panel to the top of Station Mapping (10992)
  • Standardized station icon colors with reference to station’s status (11000)
  • Better UI representation of video wall under Station Mapping (e.g. 90° rotated video wall) (10933)
  • Removed VirtualBox Extension pack from Third party Add-ons (11103)
  • Fixed station assignment issue where stations assigned to existing video walls were not listed while creating a new video wall (10871)
  • Fixed canvas zoom-out problem (10899)
  • Fixed issue where DVI/DP onboard not showing X windows after launch (10912)
  • Fixed issue where Clicking "Undo" button after deleting video wall leaves system in an inconsistent state (10915)
  • Fixed issue where Fullscreen scaling adds undesired padding while running video wall (11031)
  • Resolved issue where stations disappear after reducing rows/columns in an existing video wall (11010)
  • Fixed issue where user can create more than one GPU accelerated video wall (11116)
  • Fixed playback issue on RTSP session container (11144)
  • Network Streamer latency increased to support complex codecs (11163)
  • Fixed issue with Calibration screen under Artistic Layout (11166, 11120)
  • Fixed issue where assigning onboard station to any session container or video wall leaves system in an unresponsive state (11188)
  • Minor Bug Fixes (11083)
  • Stability Improvements