Station Mapping Profile: Cloud Desktop

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(Updated 2014.09.25)


Selecting Cloud Desktop as role type allows administrator to launch "light-weight" linux environment. It provides a locked-down Desktop experience with no Start menu. This minimal graphical interface will allow user to access fewer applications.

Station Mapping: Creating a Cloud Desktop Session Container

Station Mapping allows you to bind a specific station to Cloud Desktop.

UCC Cloud Desktop.png
  1. To do so, click on "New Session Container". Use the drop-down menu to select "Cloud Desktop" as the container type and give name.

  2. UCC Cloud Desktop Profile.png
  3. Click the "Add App" or "Add URL" button to select the Applications/URLs. Repeat this step to add multiple applications.

  4. Select the Desktop Background from the drop-down.
  5. Click "OK" button.

Map Stations to Cloud Desktop Profile


Once profile is created, stations can be "mapped" or assigned to profile by simply dragging-and-dropping the station icons to the cloud desktop profile. To change the profile configuration (for example, to change the default URL), click on the profile name to open the "Edit Profile" window.

Note: Changes will not take effect until the "Apply" button is clicked.