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Welcome to Userful® Customer Support

Userful software turns a standard PC into a high performance video wall controller or video wall processor that supports up to 100+ screens over the network with up to 8k source content and offers multi-zone and multi-source configurations. For more information about Userful's product line, visit our Video Wall Solutions page.
Below is our video gallery, product documentation as well as links to FAQ's, release notes and how to contact our support team.
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Userful Video Walls
Basic Requirements
How to Install a Video Wall Giant Video Wall Intro to Userful Control Center Zones, Multi-Window & Picture-In-Picture

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Download Userful 10.1.1

Checklist and Setup Guide

Hardware Requirements

Documentation (Table of Contents)

Release Notes



Contact Support

  [Legacy] Userful Desktop™: Cloud managed public computing solution Info icon white.png

Download Userful Desktop 8.6

Hardware Requirements

Documentation (Table of Contents)

Release Notes and Changelog


Contact Support

Quick Upgrade Guide


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