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Userful Desktop™ Userful MultiSeat™ (formerly Userful Multiplier™)

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What's new with Userful Desktop version 343?

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Documentation for Userful MultiSeat™ and Userful MultiSeat Linux™

Documentation for Userful Multiplier™ and Userful MultiSeat Linux (Preview)

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Userful DL-Driver™ for Linux: Take advantage of USB-connected display device technology without the hassle of modifying the kernel.

DL-Driver V.0.90 Debut FAQs
DL-Driver V.0.90 Release Notes

Pre-Book™: Userful's full-featured, open source, computer station reservation system which integrates with Userful Desktop, our public access computing software, as well as Windows.

Product Documentation

Experience the future of low-cost classroom computing.
Check out the Beta release of Userful MultiSeat Linux™ . Give each student their own computer station with the features and computing experience of a full PC for a fraction of the cost!

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Did you know that there are tutorials on how to use the photo-editing program GIMP?

Userful Desktop is out! The Readme will tell you what you want to know about this new release.

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