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==Welcome to the Userful Support website.==
{{Public Support Wiki}}
[http://userful.com/ Userful Homepage] - Company homepage
==Welcome to the Userful Support Website==
[[Documentation]] - Living documentation and downloads
===What would you like to do?===
[[FAQs]] - Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) from our support department
* [[Documentation | I would like to find some product documentation.]]
* [[FAQs | I have a question to ask.]]
[[Troubleshoot]] - Procedures for troubleshooting common issues
* [[Troubleshoot | I need to troubleshoot a problem.]]
* [http://userful.com/support/issue I need to report a problem to technical support.]
* [http://userful.com/ I want to go to Userful's home page.]

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Welcome to the Userful Support Website

What would you like to do?


  • Want to upgrade to DiscoverStation 5?
Have a look at the DiscoverStation 5 Upgrade Guide.
  • Interested in finding out more about DiscoverStation 5?
See what's available in DiscoverStation 5 Documentation.