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When finished, the User logs out.
When finished, the User logs out.
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Virtuoso UCC Panel

Virtuoso is a beta feature of Userful On-Premise servers. It creates feeds from any Source that are then accessible to any endpoint on the network with a Web browser.

Administrators create Channels which are based on individual Sources. These channels are then assigned to User Groups, and Users provide their own credentials to log into a special URL.

http://[ip of server]/virtuosoapp

Setting Up Virtuoso

Virtoso View permission

Virtuoso is a BETA product, and it must be enabled with a special modification of your Userful license.

First, you must add the appropriate Group and Users to the Users page. Create a new Group with Virtuoso View access, then create a User and assign it to that Group.

Next, create one or more Channels - assign a Source and enable the Group, at minimum. You can also edit the Channel Name and Description. As of Userful 11.1, the Security, Schedule, and Duration features are not yet implemented.

Using Virtuoso

The Virtuoso Client View

The end-user accesses the given URL and logs in with provided credentials. They can then see the relevant resource in their browser. If they click or touch in the browser tab, a Channel Selector appears, and allows them to easily and quickly switch information sources.

There is as yet no way to interact with any Virtuoso sources from the User login.

When finished, the User logs out.

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