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(Updated 2018.02.26)

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Storage management allows the users to transfer and access files across displays, it also enables the users to upload file(s) to "shared-files" folder. There are various configuration settings and optional password protection feature to access "shared-files" folder.


Native Desktop Shortcut

This option creates a desktop shortcut to the shared-files folder with in the Cloud and Linux Desktop.

Web Browser Access

This option provides read-only access to all files under shared-files folder from the web browser. Users can see the list of files by typing http://localhost:81 or http://[Userful host IP Address]:81 in the browser’s address bar.

Password Protection

This option enables password protection feature for FTP Server Access and Network Share Access. If selected, users will need to use "files" as user name with the specified password.

Network Share Access

This option provides access across the network, e.g.:

  • Windows users can access the folder by typing \\[Userful host IP Address] in a browser.
  • Mac users can access shared-files folder from Finder > Go > Connect to Server

FTP Server Access

This option allows users to access the shared-files folder using a FTP client.

Auto cleanup

This option allows system to delete the files that are not accessed within the specified number of days.

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