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(Updated 2017.03.06)

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Preset Station Mapping allows users to create, label and save a variety of preset settings (mappings for all the screens) and then launch those settings from any browser using any device including smartphones and tablets. This feature allows the user to quickly change the content playing on the displays and video walls by launching different saved presets, using single click.

Enable Preset Station Mapping

Enabling Preset Station Mapping

  • Go to System Operations > Preset Settings.
  • Check the Preset Station Mapping option as shown in the image to the right.
  • Click "OK" to complete the process.
  • Go to Station Mapping tab to create different presets as per the requirement.

Note: You can also click on the link below Preset Station Mapping to launch this web application.

Launch Preset Station Mapping

Launching Preset Station Mapping

Once enabled, launch this web application from any device within the same network by typing the following URL replacing "IP_Address" with the IP Address of the Userful host.


  • Click on the preset name or on the corresponding play button from the list of saved presets, whose settings you want to load on the displays and video walls (e.g. select the saved preset "Boxing Day" in the image to the right).
  • Click on another preset name or play button to switch the content playing on the displays and video walls.

Note: This feature can be accessed from any web browser within the same network.

Preset Station Mapping can also be launched through Saved Presets dialog window under Station Mapping, by clicking on the link # Saved next to Station Mapping heading (# represents the number of saved presets)

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