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(Updated 2021.02.10)

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Source Switcher is available under all license tiers except Basic. It allows users to launch and switch source on displays and video walls using a single-click, this feature can be accessed from any web browser using any device including smartphones and tablets.

This feature is enabled by default under Settings > Remote Control Settings > Source Switcher.

Please Note: Source Switcher is available under all license tiers except Basic, please contact your Sales Representative or send an email to for more details.

Launch Source Switcher

Configure Source Switcher

  • Open Control Center and Click on Mapping > New Source button to create various sources
  • Drag and Drop video wall or display icons to the existing source as per requirement
  • Launch this web application from any device within the same network by typing the following URL replacing "IP_Address" with the IP Address of the Userful host

  • By default Host Display would be selected in the drop-down list as shown in the image to the right
  • Select the display ID, video wall zone name, or mirror group from the drop-down
  • Once selected, launch the source on the display or video wall by clicking on the source icon (e.g. select Linux Desktop as shown in the image to the right)
  • Click Restart or Stop button to restart or stop the source content playing on the associated display or video wall
  • Click on Settings button to go back to Userful Control Center

This web application can also be launched by clicking on the link below the Source Switcher under Settings > Remote Control Settings.

Note: Source Switcher can be accessed from any web browser within the same network.

Watch this video for a quick guide on how to use Source Switcher and please note that this video is based on Userful™ 8.8.1 User Experience

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