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(Updated 2018.04.11)

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Userful™ software appliance allow users to configure various system-level settings to create high quality video walls, thereby increasing video wall performance level.

Performance Settings

Performance Settings
  • Direct Sync
Direct Sync enables users to improve the content synchronization across displays in a standalone configuration or in a video wall setup and also frees up CPU resources. By default, Userful host is configured to use "Direct Sync".
  • Nvidia Offload Card Support
Nvidia Support offloads workload of the CPU to the Nvidia GPU card. It enables users to create big and high quality video wall(s) that play the content with better synchronization. Please visit Nvidia Offload Support for more details.
Direct Decode and 60fps can only be enabled if Nvidia Support is enabled.
  • Direct Decode: Direct Decode enables users to utilize Nvidia GPU to enhance video wall performance during 8k video playback.
Note: It is recommended to use a 10 series Nvidia graphics card for smooth playback of 8k content.
  • 60 fps: Enable this option for smooth playback of 60fps content.
Note: It is recommended to use a 10Gig NIC and a switch with 10Gbps uplink port, as switching to 60 fps increases network bandwidth consumption and CPU usage.
  • Intel Offload Support
Enable this option to utilize Intel GPU for improved content rendering. Please note that the maximum supported resolution with Intel GPU is 4k.
  • Display Scaling
Display Scaling enables users to utilize built-in scalar within the display to improve the image quality. Almost all displays have built-in scalar that convert incoming sources to fit their output display size. By default, Userful host is configured to use "Display Scaling".
You can switch to "server-side" scaling to improve the image quality by disabling this option, provided you have Nvidia Offload Card installed and enabled. For more details, visit FAQs page.

The changes would take effect after the system reboot.

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