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(Updated 2021.03.15)

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Used in conjunction with uClients, this source invokes the uClient's local web browser to display HTML content rather than running the session from the On-Premise server. This can significantly reduce system resources and network bandwidth but is not meant for use with Video Walls as content will not sync across displays.

Mapping: Creating a uClient Local Browser Source

Mapping allows you to bind a specific display or video wall to the Web Browser source. To create Web Browser source:

Creating Web Browser Source
  1. Click on Mapping > New Source button. From the drop-down menu select "uClient Local Browser" source type and give it a name.
  2. Set the desired URL to display
  3. Set the Width and Height of the browser - this will generally be the native resolution of the display, but for displays further from viewers, you may set a 1920x1080 resolution on a 4K panel, for example.
  4. Set Refresh Interval, if the content must be manually refreshed periodically.
  5. Set Max Loading Time - if the page takes longer than this interval (in seconds), uClient will cancel loading and try again.
  6. Set Scaling options if necessary, though they should not be unless using displays with rotated or non-standard aspect ratios.

Note that since this Source only sends commands to uClient's onboard Web browsers, this will not work with Zero Clients.

Map Displays to the Source

Once source is created, displays or video wall can be "mapped" or assigned by simply dragging-and-dropping the display icons to the Web Browser source. To change the source configuration (e.g., to change the browser type) click on the source name to open the "Edit Source" window and make the changes.

Changes will not take effect until the "Apply" button is clicked.

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