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(Updated 2018.03.07)

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Network Streamer allows you to play video feeds; like security camera feed and other video files over a network.

Mapping: Creating a Network Streamer Source

Creating Network Streamer source

Mapping allows you to bind a specific display(s) to Network Streamer. To create this source:

  1. Click on Mapping > New Source button. From the drop-down menu select "Network Streamer" as preferred source type and give it a name.
  2. Select protocol from the drop-down list. (i.e., rtsp or http)
  3. Provide the media URL you want to stream. ( e.g., use only server_name/file_path instead of the complete URL rtsp://server_name/file_path)
  4. Set the Buffer rate.
  5. Provide user credentials that have access to the file.
  6. Select the Scaling option. (default: Zoom full-screen)
  7. Change Audio settings as per the requirement.
  8. Click "OK" to complete the process.

Note: To get the correct URL of your stream, please consult the vendor's manual.

Map Displays to Network Streamer Source

Once source is created, displays or video wall can be "mapped" or assigned by simply dragging-and-dropping the display or video wall icons to the Network Streamer source. To change the existing source configuration (e.g., to change protocol or stream content) click on the source name to open the "Edit Source" window and make the changes.

Note: Changes will not take effect until the "Apply" button is clicked.

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