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(Updated 2019.03.08)

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Control Room source provides users with drag and drop GUI to iteratively move/resize/add/remove sources in real time within the video wall canvas, while the main source continues to play in the background.

This is currently a beta feature and is not suitable for commercial deployments. Please note that in future licensing restrictions will apply.

Mapping: Creating a Control Room Source

Creating Control Room Source

Mapping allows you to bind a specific video wall(s) to Control Room source. To create this source:

  1. Click on Mapping > New Source New Source Icon.png button. From the drop-down menu select "Control Room" as the preferred source type and give it a name

  2. Select the source that will play in background

  3. Click OK to complete the process

Note: Control Room source works only with video walls and not with stand-alone displays. Please create a video wall of size 1x1 out of the stand-alone display before mapping it to the Control Room source

Map video wall to Control Room Source

Once the source is created, the video wall can be "mapped" or assigned by simply dragging-and-dropping the video wall icon to the Control Room source. To change the existing source configuration (e.g., to change the background), click on the source name to open the "Edit Source" window and make the changes.

Note: Changes will not take effect until the "Apply" button is clicked.

Configure Control Room Video Wall

Drag and Drop GUI enables users to iteratively move/resize/add/remove sources in real time within the video wall canvas. Follow the below mentioned steps to configure Control Room video wall canvas:

Control Room Video Wall

Create Source

  • Open the browser window and type the following URL

  • Click on Sources > + Create New Source to create new source
The newly created source will appear in the source panel
  • Click on the play button icon to activate the source before it can be played on the video wall
The activated source will now appear on the bottom panel of the window
  • Click on the Show source icon Show source icon.png to show this source on the video wall
  • Move/resize or drag the source to a particular location on the canvas where you want to play it
  • Click on the cross icon to deactivate the source and to move it back to the source panel

Image to the right shows the Control Room video wall where Display 1 is playing Signage Player source in the middle of the display, Display 2 is playing Linux Desktop covering the entire display and Display 3, 4 are playing Web Browser source spanning over both the displays.

Create Preset

  • Click on Presets > Save as new preset to save the current video wall configuration
  • Enter the Preset Name and click OK to complete the process
  • Click on Save changes link across the preset name
  • Click on Save as new preset button
  • Enter the Preset Name and click OK to complete the process
  • Click on the play button beside the corresponding preset name to launch a particular preset on the control room video wall
You can also click on the trash icon to delete the saved preset

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