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Copyright © 2020 Userful Corporation. All rights reserved.
(Updated 2020.07.01)

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Layout Switcher allows single-click switching between saved layouts for Command and Control, this feature can be accessed from any web browser using any device including smartphones and tablets.

Configure Layout Switcher

  • Assign a video wall to this Command and Control source
  • Click on Control GUI on the left navigation menu
  • Create different sources and arrange them in desired layouts
  • Launch this web application from any device within the same network by typing the following URL replacing "IP_Address" with the IP Address of the Userful host

  • Enter the login credentials
  • Choose from the list of saved layouts by clicking on the layout name
Once selected, that layout will be restored on the video wall canvas

You can also launch this web-application by clicking on the link below Layout Switcher under Settings > Remote Control Settings.

Note: This feature can be accessed from any web browser within the same network.

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