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(Updated 2020.02.06)

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Known Issues

The following are the known issues with the latest release of Userful software

  • Report a Problem is unable to complete sending of log file details to Userful support (19895)
  • Mirror group feature for the Command and Control source is not supported (19824)
  • Network Streamer source with an RTSP stream might freeze after several hours of playback (17815)
  • Adding or removing displays quickly while calibrating video wall may freeze the displays (17887)
Workaround: Wait until the calibration image appears on all the displays or Go to Support > Restart Displays or Reboot System
  • Power-off inactive displays after the time specified may not work for displays playing Web Browser content (15181)
  • New line & foreign characters may not work and long messages may not wrap up while broadcasting alerts, when running signage source and video wall sessions (15052)
  • Overlapped video wall zones sharing same control display may encounter video wall playback issue (14319)
Workaround: Select different control displays for the overlapped video wall zones
  • Capturing a PC with color space set to RGB may show artifacts mostly with the text on the display (14308)
Workaround: Change the color space of the PC
  • If the last played video wall zone contains a display, which is the control display of other zones:
  • Playing/Stopping the last played video wall zone will restart the content playback on the previously played zone (14189)
  • Playing non-Interactive source (e.g. Signage Player), the last played zone will get the sound output
Workaround: Control display of a video wall zone should not be the part of the other video wall zone
  • Changing static IP address of a NIC that has a DHCP server assigned to it, does not update the DHCP settings (14169)
Workaround: Disable the DHCP server when changing IP address, wait until the Control Center notifies that the DHCP is fully offline and then enable the DHCP server
  • DVD Player source fails with Nvidia Offload support (13387)
Workaround: Disable Nvidia Offload support when using DVD Player source
  • Webcams connected to Network zero-client for video capturing are not supported (12939)
  • GPU-Accelerated video walls do not support mirroring (12828)
  • The Same user logged in on multiple displays cannot output sound correctly (11672)
Workaround: Use "AutoLogin" source for multiple sessions
  • The Show ID's feature may not work on displays running a Linux Desktop which has been locked by the screensaver (11589)
Workaround: Unlock or disable the screensaver, then press Show ID's button in Control Center
  • Images larger than 10800 x 8552 pixels may not display correctly (10769)
Workaround: Increase the slideshow time interval based upon the time required to load the image file