How To Configure DHCP Server

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(Updated 2014.02.13)

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Multiplatform™ has the ability to manage a private network that only zero-client stations can utilize. This allows administrator to segregate zero-client network activity from site’s Intranet. Multiplatform™ supports two NICs and user can use:

  • eth0(NIC 1) as intranet network; the default DHCP network.
  • eth1(NIC 2) as private zero-client network (static one)

However, in order to make this feature functional, user will have to configure DHCP server manually:

  1. Open Terminal and switch to root
  2. Create file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1 using any editor
  3. Edit the file and make the following changes:
  4. DEVICE=eth1
    NAME=”Static eth1”
    NAME=”Static eth1”

    Note: You can use any private IPAddress network, provided that the IPAddress is real (does not end in 0 or 255) and PREFIX is either 16 or 24.

  5. Reboot host PC/server
  6. DHCP Server should come online and you can assign stations to secondary ethernet accessible via Host PC/Server.