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(Updated 2018.09.05)

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This document outlines instructions for changing system language, changing keyboard layout and installing additional IME packages.

Change the System Language

Set System Language.png

System and keyboard language can be edited through Control Center > Settings. To set the system language:

  • Click on System Language, under "Time, Location and Language"
  • Select the System Language from the drop-down menu (e.g., Korean as shown in the image) and leave the System Keyboard settings to default
  • Click "OK" to complete the process

Install the Additional Packages

Additional Packages Languages Support.png

Input support is required for different languages including Korean, Chinese and Japanese etc. To install the package required:

  • From the Control Center > Settings, click Check for Available Packages under "System Updates and Extra Packages"
  • Select the package required as per the system language (e.g., Korean as shown in the image)
  • Click "Apply" to install the package

Add the Keyboard Layout

600px-Adding keybaord layout.png

After editing the language settings, login to Linux Desktop

  • Navigate to System > Preferences > Keyboard menu
  • Click the "Layouts" tab and click "Add" button
  • Under the "By country" tab select the country and the "variants" based on the language supported (e.g., Korean as shown in the image)
  • Click "Add" button to complete the process

Once added, the language would be listed under the "Layouts" tab

For the changes to take effect, please reboot the Userful server.

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