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{{DISPLAYTITLE: Signagelive Player: Getting Started Guide}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE: Signagelive Player: Getting Started Guide}}

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(Updated 2018.01.30)

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This document contains instructions to guide you through the account setup process on Signagelive platform.

Getting Started with Signagelive

  1. Create a Signagelive Account
    Signagelive Account is required to use Sigangelive platform. If you do not have an account and wants to try Signagelive, you can register for a free trial by using Register for a Free trail option. Once registered, you will get a 16-digit License code.
    Now open any web browser(e.g. Chrome), open Signagelive Signup form and follow the prompts:
    1. Click "I've purchased a Licence, Get Started" link available at the bottom of the page
    2. Fill up the form with required information and click "Create My Account".

    After creating an account, open browser, log into the Signagelive site. You will be presented with the Signagelive interface with the following links at the top of the page:
      Dashboards | Content | Network | Reports | Settings  

    Below are links to tutorial that will walk you through the steps required to create and publish your Signagelive playlist.


  2. Getting Activation Code
    • Launch Control Center and create a Signagelive Player source, assign a display or video wall to it
    • The Signagelive Setup window will be shown on the assigned display screen (as shown in the image to the right)
    • Set the Timezone and screen rotation using mouse (connected to the display) and click "Save" button
    • You will now be presented with a 6 digit activation code which you can link to a Signagelive license within your network

  3. Activating Player
    • Under Signagelive login, navigate to Settings > Licences option
    • Click one of the licenses you wish to activate against.
    • Type in the 6 digit activation code, and Click "Activate Player".
    • A check mark will appear on the display (see image to the right).
    Signagelive Player has now been activated against your network.
  4. Creating playlist
  5. Playlist enables you to group and arrange the contents you want to display. You can put different type of content in a playlist, including images, text, video, animations, headline news, sports scores, and much more.

  6. Publishing Content
    • Navigate to Content > Publish > Defaults option
    • Select the desired playlist once and click "OK" button to proceed
    • Now click "+" sign to add playlist into the queue and then click "publish"

Please note: Since Userful provides preinstalled Signagelive Player, you don't need to install the Signagelive Player. Each display/player is associated with a license code provided by Signagelive platform. So, if you are planning to use Signagelive on multiple displays, you may need multiple license codes. However, in case of a video wall only one license code is required as it is detected as a single display on Signagelive platform.

To learn more about Signagelive platform, visit Signagelive User Documentation

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