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Getting Started with PADS4

  1. Download and Install PADS4 software on Windows system

  2. Activate the Software
  3. After installing software, open the PADS License Wizard, and activate the software by entering the product key. Please refer to Activating your license section of User Guide for further details. Once activated, you will be presented with following key applications:
    • PADS4 Designer
    • PADS4 Scheduler
    • PADS4 Viewer
    Please Note: PADS4 software can be activated without Internet connection. PADS4 can work in an offline mode provided all the content you require is stored on the local PC.
  4. Designing the presentation
  5. PADS4 Designer enables user to put different contents in a presentation (including images, text, video, animations, and etc.). Please refer to Designing your first presentation section of User Guide for further details.
  6. Registering the Viewer
    • Launch Control Center and create a PADS4 Viewer session container, assign a station or video wall to it
    • PADS4 HTML5 Viewer window will be displayed on the assigned station (i.e. PADS4 Viewer is successfully registered with PADS4 server).
  7. Scheduling the presentation
  8. PADS4 Scheduler enables user to schedule the presentation. Scheduling allows you to specify the order and the duration of each presentation on the assigned station. Please refer to Scheduling your presentation section of User Guide for further details.

    Note: Windows OS is required for installing PADS4 software. The default port used by PADS4 to communicate between the server and PADS4 Viewer is 7237. If you are using a firewall, this port needs to be opened for communication.

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