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Control Center

Q: What is the Control Center?

The Control Center is a browser-based management portal used to configure video wall and monitor displays. Its feature include:

  • Mapping
  • Configuring Video Walls
  • Network Management
  • Display settings
  • Display access control
  • Virtual Machines
  • New package installation and updates
  • License management and access to support

Q: How can I change the language of the Control Center GUI?

It is the Browser's preferred language which controls the language of the GUI and not the Userful host's default language. This way multiple administrators can access the system in their preferred language of choice. To change the Control Center's GUI language, please change your browser's settings to select your preferred language.

Q: How can I create a Control Center launch icon on my mobile device?

To create the launch icon:

  • Open any web browser on your mobile device and access the Control Center by typing the Userful host's IP address in the address bar
  • Click the "Action" button, Iphone-share.png for iOS and Android-share.png for Android
  • Select the "Add to Home Screen" option from the menu
  • Edit the name and click the "Add" option. The device will return to the home screen and you will see the icon

Q: Can I control my video wall via a mobile device or laptop?

Yes, If you are on the same LAN you can easily control it through the Control Center. Please visit accessing the Control Center.
You can also use variety of features available under Remote Control Settings to remotely control and interact with stand-alone displays and video walls via a mobile device, tablet, laptop or a desktop.

Q: Can I access the Control Center remotely from over the WAN / Internet?

If you want to access Control Center from a remote location, we recommend an Internet connection to the site where the displays and Userful appliance are installed with a "static" IP Address (you may need to contact your Internet service provider to obtain this). Alternatively, it is possible to sign up for a dynamic DNS service separately. Then, you will need to enable "port forwarding" on your router and route inbound requests on that specific port to the assigned static IP address of the Userful host. This way you can simply type in the external facing IP address and specified port number (http://IP_Address:port_number) in any browser to connect the Userful Control Center.

Q: How can I give users access to control and change the content and/or active sources on the video wall without giving them access to the Control Center?

If it is just playlist content that users want to control, there are two ways to achieve this. You can set a Signage Player playlist to play a directory, and then set up remote access (FTP or Samba file share) and allow the user to copy or remove content from that directory.

Alternatively, most of our customers use one of the supported third party content management solutions to manage content. You can also set the video wall to play an HTML5 web page and use the solution to change and edit the content on that page.

If you want users to switch between sources, a second approach is to create a Welcome Screen with all the desired sources available and then use the "Source Switcher" feature to launch any session from any device on the same network.

Q: Does Userful™ support multi-level permission system? Can I have a separate login for unprivileged staff access where they can control mapping of displays but not admin level functions?

Yes. Userful™ supports “admin” and “staff” user accounts with different login credentials. Admin login allows full access to all system functions whereas the "staff" login offers restricted access to a limited set of features. Staff users can only map displays to any source without changing any session settings. For more details, visit staff login section.

Q: Do I need a specialist to help me with routine configuration of the system?

AV specialists are not required for routine configuration changes. Any browser, even a tablet can be used to setup and configure the video-wall in minutes. Drag and drop GUI and intuitive test pattern makes it easy to map appropriate portions of the image to complex artistic display geometries as well as to fine-tune bezel correction in grid layouts. Please visit Configuring Video Wall page for more details.

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