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(Updated 2015.03.03)

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Userful Network Video Wall gives you the flexibility to mix and match displays of different sizes. This feature is available under Artistic Layout where you need to specify the exact display "panel" size in inches or millimeters for each display.

Measuring Display

Measuring Display Size

  1. Display size is measured diagonally. Identify the two points you will use for measuring your display. The first point will be one of the screen corners - this is the corner of the screen, not the bazel. The second point will be the opposite corner from the first (for example, measure from the top left corner of the display to the bottom right corner as shown in the image to the right).
  2. Place and hold the end of your measuring tape down at the first corner of the screen, and extend the measuring tape until you reach the second corner.
  3. Read the mark on the tape at the point where the tape reaches the second corner. The number you see will be the size of your display.

Note: Most measurement tapes measure in 16ths of inches, but the value you need is in 10ths of inches. To convert from 16ths to 10ths of inches simply divide the fraction in your measurement by 16 (e.g. 40 12/16” will be 40.75”)

Display Panel Size.png

Configuring Display Size

  1. Open Control Center, click Station Mapping > New Video Wall > Switch to Artistic
  2. Click the drop-down select-box in the center of the "display" and then select the ID# that will be in that position of the video wall. Use the “Show Station IDs” button to view the ID# on the physical displays.
  3. Click on the display that you want to input the size and click on the settings (wheel) on the top right corner of the display
  4. Input the display size you measure and click "OK".
Visit Configuring Video Wall page for more details on how to create and configure a Video Wall.