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Browser Remote is a vertical marketing solution that allows user to launch sessions from any browser using any device including Smart Phones and Tablets. This feature allows user to launch and switch between different sessions on stand-alone displays and video wall from any browser.

Enabling the Browser Remote

  • Login to Control Center and create different session containers using the Station Mapping > New Session Container button as per the requirement
  • Drag and drop displays and the video wall to the session container
  • Open System Operations tab
  • Click "Enable Browser Remote" link
  • Check the option and click OK to complete the process

Launching the Browser Remote

Launching Browser Remote

Once completed, open the web browser on any device and type the following URL replacing "IP_Address" with the IP Address of the Userful host and "station_id" with the station id of the stand-alone station or the control station for the video wall.


You can play and stop any session by selecting the session name or hitting the "stop" button as shown in the image to the right.

Please Note: This feature can be accessed from any web browser within the same network.

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