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(Updated 2021.09.22)

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UCC Activity Log

The Activity Log provides a place to review human-readable logs that show user activity in the Control Center and Command & Control.

Enabling Activity Logs

UCC Activity Log

Activity Logs are off by default. To enable them, go to Local Logging Configuration in UCC and enable the User Activity Logs.

Log Activity Types

UCC Activity Types

All of the below are enabled by default.

  • Source Update - Create, edit, or delete a Source
  • Welcome Screen Update - Edit any of the Welcome Screen settings, or assign or move a Source into or out of a Resource Group.
  • Video Wall Update - Create, re-calibrate, or edit Video Walls and Zones.
  • Preset Update - Create or delete a Preset.
  • Preset Load - Recall a Preset.
  • Event Update - Create, change, or delete an Event.
  • Displays Added - Lock a new Client or create a new Virtual Display.
  • Displays Removed - Unlock a Client or delete a Virtual Display.
  • Displays Updated - Update a setting on a Display, either a Client or Virtual Display.
  • Group Update - Create, Edit, or Delete a Group.
  • User Update - Create, Edit, or Delete a User.
  • Settings Update - Alterations to any Settings.
  • Layout Update - Create, Edit, or Recall a C&C Layout.
  • Layout Load - Recall a C&C Layout.
  • Source Update - Create, Edit, or Launch a C&C Source.
  • Login Success - Successful UCC logins
  • Login Failure - Failed UCC logins.
  • Logout - User sessions end.
  • Other

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