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(Updated 2019.01.16)

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Userful software enables users to run Persistent Session source to keep the interactive sessions (e.g. Web Browser, Linux Desktop etc.) alive even after making the changes to a session.

Mapping: Creating a Persistent Session source

Creating Persistent Session source

Mapping allows you to bind a specific display or video wall to Persistent Session source. To create source:

  1. Click on Mapping > New Source New Source Icon.png button. From the drop-down select Persistent Session as the preferred source type and give it a name

  2. Select the source that will play in background
  3. Background will list only the intercative sources (e.g. Web Browser, Linux Desktop etc.) created under Control Center > Mapping

  4. Enter the Input Width and Input Height in pixels

  5. Click OK to complete the process

Map displays to Persistent Session source

Once the source is created, displays or video walls can be "mapped" by simply dragging-and-dropping the video wall or display icon to the Persistent Session source. Changes will not take effect until the "Apply" button is clicked.

To change the source configuration (e.g., edit Input Width or Input Height) click on the source name to open the "Edit Source" window.

Interaction with Persistent Session source

Userful software enables users to create a persistent session source with the interactive sources (e.g., Userful Desktop, Web Browser etc.) as described below:

  • Click on the Virtual Display Icon.png virtual display icon to open the "Display Settings" dialog.
  • Click on the interactive viewer icon and make any changes
  • Map the display or videowall onto a different source
  • Remap the display or videowall to the "Persistent Session"
The Persistent Session will not reset on remapping display or the video wall

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