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Littlepear's Great Endeavor

August 19, 2007

I may be trying to install this software too soon. My honey has a dying laptop and I have a lazy old hand-me-down E-machine. We purchased a beautiful HP Pavilion a1610n with dual-processor core at 64-bit and wanted to share the machine with each other.

We found Userful's website and would like to give their Desktop Multiplier software a spin. I installed the latest Ubuntu. That went off as well as can be expected for such a brand-spanking nubie to the Linux arena such as myself. But, now I see there is no 64-bit deb installation of DM to download.

I tried to manually install the RPM on my 64-bit Ubuntu installation, but I soon gave up as it was over my head. As well, to install the 32-bit Debian version of DM on 64-bit Ubuntu was of little use.

Fear of missing out on the limited-offer free 2-seat version of DM made me do it.