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(Updated 2015.09.25)

Microsoft Office™ is a trademark of Microsoft®.™ is a trademark of Oracle®. LibreOffice® is a registered trademark of The Document Foundation®™ or LibreOffice®?

This computer system provides an open-source alternative to Microsoft Office™: either™or LibreOffice® which will hereafter be referred to as simply "the open-source office suites".

The open-source office suites provide the types of programs and features that one would expect from Microsoft Office*, but with the benefit of being cross-platform and free. This means that you can install it on your home computer free of charge (be it Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux). Both open-source office suites are designed with simple, intuitive interfaces that are comparable to popular commercial office suites, and both offer compatibility with commercial office suite file types.

How do I use the open-source office suites?

The open-source office suites work very similarly to Microsoft Office, and if you are used to making simple spreadsheets, documents, and presentations in Microsoft Office you should have little difficulty adjusting to the nuances of these alternatives. However, there are differences in some areas. If you are new to using office productivity software, or would like to see what nifty tricks you can do to become more efficient, each office suite has detailed documentation available online:

Click here for documentation

Click here for LibreOffice documentation.

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