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(Updated 2013.07.17)

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This document describes how to apply configuration settings for 100+ machines with less labour intensive alternatives for machine registration by clonning master settings.

Steps for creating master settings

After the first-boot:

    First Boot.png
  1. On the first-boot menu, click "Apply Configuration" option
  2. A browser window will pop-up after several minutes, login to Userful Manager

  3. Select Customer and Location
  4. UM select customer.png

  5. Give machine name (This name will identify the Master Machine to be cloned)
  6. Select Profile and click Register
    UM choose location and profile.png

  7. After configuring system, close the window
     At this time, system has incorrect IP Address, Wait 1 hour with the system connected to Internet  to make sure Userful Manager will receive the correct IP
  8. After an hour, turn off the system (physically)
    UM login.png
  9. Login to Userful Manager from any other system
    UM find master.png
  10. Under Solution Expert > Computers, search for the Master machine name
    UM edit master.png
  11. Edit machine and check/edit configuration settings as per requirement and click Save button (Make sure the machine has correct number of stations)
  12. Click Designate as Master for Cloning option
    UM designate master.png
  13. On the dialog box window, check for the IP Address (it should NOT be and click "OK"

    Master System Configured successfully

Steps for Clonning

For each system to be clonned:

  1. On the first-boot menu, click "Apply Configuration"
    UM clone.png
  2. On the Userful Manager browser window, select Clone Settings for Registered Master and it displays Machine Configuration Ready
    UM configuration ready.png
  3. Close the browser and click "OK"
    First boot screen1.png
  4. On the menu, click "Enable System" option

System clonned successfully.