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(Updated 2018.01.30)

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SMSC® is a registered trademark of Standard Microsystems Corporation.


Userful™ software appliance is designed to support Network zero client devices (using the Elite Silicon® (EST) USB to LAN chipset) with the SMSC® chipset and also USB zero client devices with the SMSC® UFX graphics chipsets.

Supported Zero Client Devices

Following zero client devices are fully tested and recommended for use with the Userful™ software appliance:

Network Zero Client Devices Recommended Device Firmware Video Outputs Options
Atrust m320 039.100 VGA
Atrust m320(v2) 116.103 VGA support for single USB hub
Atrust m321 116.103 DVI-I support for single USB hub
Centerm C75 039.100 HDMI & VGA
ThinGlobal MiniPoint DS 039.100 HDMI
ThinGlobal MiniPoint DS Lite 125.036 HDMI
ViewSonic SC-U25 039.100 VGA

USB Zero Client Devices Video Output
ThinGlobal MiniPoint
* Using USB connection only
HDMI-mini & VGA

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