Userful Multiplatform 7.2.4: Release Notes

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(Updated 2015.04.15)

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Userful Multiplatform 7.2.4 is a maintenance release of Userful Multiplatform solution. This page provide information on package versions and ISO link for installing Userful Multiplatform 7.2.4. For detailed product information, refer to Product Guide.

Release Date: April 15, 2015

Component Package Versions

  • Userful MultiSeat: 7.2-9128.1.release.multiplatform_7.2.4.02661b4
  • EST Driver: 0.9.16-1dkms.userful2.11.bf5a973
  • SMSC Driver:
  • DisplayLink Driver: 1.4.1-0_g715cfbc.el6.x86_64

Bundled with CentOS 6.4 (with Xorg 1.13.0-11.1.el6.centos.2.x86_64 and kernel version 2.6.32-431.el6.userful3.1.x86_64)


Download Userful Multiplatform 7.2.4 iso and create an Installation disk.

What's New

  • Added support for Atrust m321 zero-client device
  • Added Rise Vision Player as new Session Container
  • Added UI option to specify RAM/Cores under Virtual Machine Session Container
  • Added Diagnostic notification for duplicate DHCP servers and IP Address conflicts
  • Updated firmware for Atrust zero-client devices