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(Updated 2016.03.03)


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Welcome Screen profile provides feature of grouping all station mapping profiles. Through Welcome Screen user can launch/access any session/operating system(WinXP, Linux, Android, Web Browser, Media Player, RDP).

Station Mapping: Creating a Welcome Screen Profile

UCC Welcome Screen.png

Before creating Welcome screen profile, create other profiles that should be listed on screen. For more info on creating profiles, visit Manuals/Station Mapping. Station Mapping allows you configure the list of available profiles per station.

  1. To create a Welcome Screen profile, click on "Create a new profile". Give the profile name and select type as "Welcome Screen" from the drop-down
  2. Select the profile/profiles to be listed (for multi-select, press ctrl+click)
  3. Click "OK" button to create the profile (Background Image is optional)

Map Stations to Welcome Screen Profile

Station displaying Welcome Screen

Once profile is created, stations can be "mapped" or assigned to profile by simply dragging-and-dropping the station icons to the Welcome Screen profile. Mapped station displays all the profiles grouped together on the screen; as shown in the figure.

To change the profile configuration (for example, to change the Welcome Screen profile), click on the profile name to open the "Edit Profile" window.