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(Updated 2016.03.02)


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Citrix profile is the Citrix ICA Client that provides access to a Windows session running on a Citrix server. Once the connection to the Citrix server is established, user can access Windows applications and files as local ones. Host PC’s mouse and keyboard can be used with Windows applications in the usual way.

Station Mapping: Creating a Citrix Profile

Creating Citrix Profile

To create a Citrix profile:

  1. Under Station Mapping, click "New Profile" and select profile type as "Citrix" from the drop-down list.
  2. Enter profile name and select profile icon
  3. Select ICA file from the drop-down
    • ICA file should be placed in "/shared-files" or "/content" folder; in order to appear in the drop-down.
  4. Click "OK" button.

Map Stations to Citrix Profile

Once profile is created, stations can be "mapped" or assigned to profile by simply dragging-and-dropping the station icons to the profile. The changes will take place after hitting "Apply" button.

To change the profile configuration (for example, to change the ICA file), click on the profile name to open the "Edit Profile" window.

Please Note: Userful strongly recommends doing thorough testing before deployment. Userful do not provide support for Citrix infrastructure and is not responsible for any damage done.

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