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(Updated 2018.01.30)

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials enables the users to fully understand the features integrated in Userful™ software appliance. These walkthroughs are perfect for visual learners who would like to watch a video to understand the functionality.

Userful Video Walls
Userful Video Walls
Basic Requirements
Userful Video Walls - Basic Requirements

Video Wall Installation
How to install a video wall

Userful Control Center
Userful Control Center Tour
Video Wall Zone Setup
Setting of video wall zones

Artistic Video Wall Setup
Calibration of artistic video wall
Configuring Zones
Configuring Zones under Video Wall Zone Settings
Mirror Group Feature
Mirror Group Configuration
Source Switcher
Remote Control Settings - Source Switcher

Preset Switcher
Remote Control Settings - Preset Switcher
Interactive Viewer
Remote Control Settings - Interactive viewer

Configuring Multi-Window source

Note: Certain videos are based on v8.8.1 User experience.