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(Updated 2021.02.09)

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DVD player source launches a full-screen interactive media player kiosk on a display or a group of displays in a video wall setup. This enables users to play and navigate DVDs and other media contents directly.

Some things to remember:

  • DVD playback can consume significant CPU
  • DVD player GUI will be launched in the default system language
  • Install DVD Player Plugin through Control Center > Settings > Check for Available Packages

Note: DVD Player is an interactive media player that can be directly controlled by the end user (e.g., via keyboard/mouse), whereas the " Signage Player" source plays a pre-specified playlist.

Mapping: Creating DVD Player Source

Creating DVD Player source

Mapping allows you to bind a display or video wall to DVD Player source. To create this source:

  • Click on Mapping > New Source button. From the drop-down select "DVD Player" as the preferred source type and give a name

  • Select the "Device Drive" from the drop-down

  • Click "OK" to complete the process

Map Displays to DVD Player Source

Once source is created, displays can be "mapped" or assigned by simply dragging-and-dropping the display icons to the source.

Note: Changes will not take effect until the "Apply" button is clicked.

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