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(Updated 2021.02.10)

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This section of Control Center lets administrators view performance statistics for their server and identify bottlenecks or network issues.

To access this functionality open Control Center > Monitoring.


Monitoring Options

Adjust the amount of data displayed (Window) and the frequency of data collection (Frequency)

Load Average

Load Average

1, 5, and 15-minute graphs showing the base system Load Average.

This is a general baseline of system load. If 1-minute is higher than the other two, load is increasing.

Memory Usage

Memory Usage

Total amount of system RAM in use, versus available.

If Memory Used approaches 80% of Memory Total then you may wish to consider closing some Sources, particularly Interactive ones.

CPU Usage

CPU Usage

Average total CPU usage (blue fill) versus individual CPU core usage (lines)

If the blue fill approaches 90%, then you may wish to consider closing some Sources. If several CPU cores are at 100%, you may be running some Interactive Sources (web browsers, VNC) that are running a high amount of video.

GPU Utilization

GPU Usage

Total GPU usage (blue fill) along with the load on the Encoder (video being sent to uClients) and Decoder (video content being ingested from Sources)

If Encoder or Decoder usage constantly spikes above 70% to 80%, you may wish to consider stopping some video sources or using lower resolutions or frame rates.

GPU Memory

GPU Memory

Total amount of GPU RAM in use, versus available.

Memory Used should never approach Memory Total unless you are using an Nvidia GPU with under 4GB of VRAM, which is not supported.



PCI bandwidth in use by the GPU.

Network Send/Receive

Network Traffic

Data rates transmitted and received by the network interface(s).

Network Errors/Drops

Network Errors

Errored, lost, or dropped packets from the network interface(s).

This should show counts of zero or near-zero at all times.

Network Send/Receive - I/O

Network I/O

Data volumes transmitted and received by the network interface(s).

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