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(Updated 2021.02.09)

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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client allows users to connect to a system serving RDP sessions remotely. This source provides remote access to a properly configured Windows system using the FreeRDP service.

Please Note: You are responsible for complying with the server side (i.e., the remote system) configuration.

Mapping: Creating a RDP Client Source

Creating RDP Client Source

Mapping allows you to bind a specific display or video wall to the RDP Client. To create a RDP Client source:

  1. Click on Mapping > New Source window. From the drop-down menu select "RDP Client" as the source type and give it a name
  2. Enter the IP Address and user credentials of the system (server) to be accessed remotely
  3. Click "OK" to complete the process

Map Displays to RDP Client Source

Once a source is created, displays or video wall can be "mapped" by simply dragging-and-dropping the display or video wall icons to the Remote Desktop Client source. To change the configuration (e.g., to change the credentials) click on the source name to open the "Edit Source" window.

Note: Changes will not take effect until the "Apply" button is clicked.

Licensing is Your Responsibility

Please Note: You are responsible for complying with all operating system and application vendors’ license agreements when you make it available for remote access.

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