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(Updated 2018.02.20)

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This document lists all the zero client devices that worked with previous version(s) of Userful™ but presently their functionality and features have been succeeded by more advanced hardware.

Please Note: Before contacting Userful support, please ensure that you are using Supported Zero Client Devices with the latest release of Userful™. This is crucial for Userful to deliver the best possible support experience. Please contact your Userful representative, if you have active Maintenance and Support contract.

Legacy Network Zero Clients

Network Zero Client Device Recommended Device Firmware Video Outputs
Acer E400 039.100 VGA
HP T200 035.226 VGA
ThinGlobal MiniPoint Ethernet
optional PoE support
039.100 HDMI-mini & VGA
ViewSonic VMA-25 039.100 VGA

Please Note that ThinNetworks MiniPoint devices are shipped with a jumper switch. The jumper switch toggles the device between an "always on" mode (ideal for digital signage and public computing environments) and a "normal" mode where power is controlled by the power button. Please consult your sales representative for more information.

Please see Supported Zero Client Devices for a complete list of zero clients compatible with the latest release of Userful™.

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