How To Schedule Power On

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(Updated 2019.02.22)


Userful introduced an exciting new feature of Power Management through which user can schedule automatic shutdown of Userful server. However, in order to schedule automatic power-on, follow the steps mentioned-below.

Different computers have different BIOS and therefore the following instructions are guidelines only.

Steps to schedule Power-On using BIOS

  1. Press the ‘Delete’ or ‘F1’ key when you first switch on the Userful server to enter the BIOS configuration screen. (Determine the correct key to press for your Userful server by examining the first screen(s) to appear after switching it on.)
  2. In the BIOS configuration screen, navigate using the arrow keys. Press ‘Enter’ to select options and ‘Esc’ to exit. The particular menu and name of the option depend on the Userful server’s manufacturer. Modern Userful servers might list it as "Wake system on S5" on the “Power” menu (S5 is the ACPI state for power OFF). Select the “Wake System from S5" option and press ‘Enter’.
  3. Select the “Enabled” option and press ‘Enter’; this will let you set the date and time.
  4. Use the arrow keys (or the +/- keys) to highlight the appropriate options. If you want to start it up daily at a specified time, then set the date as "0" or it may be different depending upon your BIOS. Press 'Enter'. Set the time (numeric range) and press 'Enter'
  5. Press ‘Esc’ repeatedly until you reach the main menu.
  6. Choose the option allowing you to exit the BIOS configuration screen and save the new settings. Press ‘Enter’ to confirm the action. The computer will restart.

Userful server is now scheduled for Automatic Power-On.