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(Updated 2021.02.10)

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The Userful™ software appliance scans the /var/source-content/ directory and local directory for playlist content. There are several ways to copy new media content to the server for playback:

  • via Control Center
  • via FTP
  • via a USB key
  • via SSH/SCP

Once files have been transferred, create a Signage Player source and choose which of the files you've uploaded to the /var/source-content/ directory you want to playback.

Control Center

Control Center can be used to transfer files to the Userful server:

  1. Go to Control Center
  2. Click on Mapping > New Source New Source Icon.png button.
  3. Select " Signage Player" from the drop-down menu and start configuring the source.
  4. Click on the "Upload" button.
  5. Select a file to begin uploading files, user can also select more than one files at a time to upload.
The uploaded file(s) will get saved in /var/source-content/ folder.


To use FTP to transfer files to the Userful server:

  1. Ensure FTP Server Access is enabled on the Userful server and the computer you want to copy the files from is on the same network as the Userful server.
  2. Launch an FTP client and point the client to the IP address of your Userful server. If you have enabled Control Center > Settings > Source Content Settings > FTP and Network Share Access option, enter the password as per FTP server settings.
  3. Now copy the content into the destination directory (e.g., /var/source-content/).


To use USB key to transfer files to the Userful server:

  1. Copy the files to a USB key, then plug-in USB key into the Userful server.
  2. Login to the Linux Desktop session and mount the USB key by clicking on the graphical icon. Navigate in the file system to the /var/source-content/ directory, then drag the files from your USB key to that directory.
  3. Wait for the progress to complete then unmount the USB key and unplug it from the Userful server.


It is possible to access and transfer files to a computer that is on the same network through the terminal with "Secure Shell (SSH)". It allows encrypted, authenticated communication between two networked computers so long as each computer is running SSH server/client programs. Userful™ comes with SSH server/client installed by default. Secure Copy (SCP) is a file transfer protocol based on SSH.

To use SSH/SCP to transfer files to the Userful server:

  1. The files to be transferred must reside on a computer with SSH server/client applications installed. The IP address (or server name, if the local network has been set up to route server names) of the target system must also be known, as well as the user account credentials (user id and password) for the target system.
  2. Open the terminal on the computer where the files are stored.
  3. Either navigate to the folder where the files are stored, or know the path to the file.
  4. In the terminal, type: scp [/path/to/file.avi] user@[machineIP-or-name]:/var/source-content/.
  5. Enter the password for the user account when prompted.
Example: To transfer a file, movie.avi stored in /home/userful/Documents to a system with an IP of 123.456.789.00, enter:
scp /home/userful/Documents/movie.avi user@123.456.789.00:/var/source-content/

Wildcard asterisks ( * ) can be used to transfer several files at once:

  • If the file type is the same for several files:
    • Example: to transfer several .avi files, use /path/to/file/*.avi user@[servername]:/var/source-content
  • If the file names share an element:
    • Example: to transfer several files that all start with "Menu-" (e.g.,,, etc), use /path/to/file/Menu-* user@[servername]:/var/source-content/

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