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(Updated 2018.01.30)

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UIEvolution is a cloud-based Content Management Solution (CMS). With UIEvolution Player already integrated in Userful solution, users can play digital signage contents created on UIEvolution platform (UIE Experience Manager).

This document contains instructions to guide you through the process of using UIEvolution platform.

Getting Started with UIEvolution

  1. Getting Registration Code
  2. You will be presented with the Registration Code (used for registering the "Endpoint").
  3. Creating EndPoint
  4. After logging in UIEvolution ExperienceManager account, you will be presented with the interface with the following links at the top of the page:
     Content | Endpoint | Analytics | Users
    • Click the "Endpoint" tab at the top of the page
    • Click "Create Endpoint" for the menu
    • Enter the Endpoint "Name" and the "Registration Code" (as generated in step 1) and other optional information
    • Click "Save" button on top of the page to complete the process

    You will now be presented with the "Device ID" which you can link to the UIEvolution Player source.

    Please refer to "Endpoints" section of UI ExperienceManager User Guide for more details.

  5. Creating Content
  6. For creating content (e.g. an image)
    • In Experience Manager portal, click on the Content tab at the top of the browser page. This will bring up a page showing a table of Content types.
    • To upload a new image file:
    • Click on the “Image” content type (near the top of the right column of the table)
    • Click the green “Create Content” link. This will bring up a “Create Image” page
    • In the Name field, give image a meaningful name
    • Click the "+ Upload Image" button below and select an image file from your hard drive to upload and Click "Open"
    • Once completed, click the "Save" button in the upper-right corner of the page
    • Click the "Approve" button
    The above-mentioned steps add an image into the ExperienceManager cloud. Please refer to "Creating / Editing Content" section of UIEvolution ExperienceManager User Guide for more details.
  7. Publishing Content
    • Under UIEvolution ExperienceManager portal, select a registered endpoint
    • Click "Edit" on top of the page
    • Click Publish Information > Package > Choose Content
    • Select Content Type from the available list
    • Click "Save" button to complete the process

    To learn more about UIEvolution platform, visit http://www.uievolution.com.

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